10 april, 2007

The Coulter Hoax

The Coulter Hoax - How Ann Coulter exposed the Intelligent Design Movement:

"Coulter also has some fun with the common debating trick "reductio ad Hitlerum," the idea that any argument is invalidated if it can be somehow linked to Hitler. In the case of evolution, the argument comes in handy in claiming that Nazism is a logical consequence of belief in evolution and that the latter must therefore be flawed science.

This argument is silly in many ways. First, the validity of a scientific theory does not hinge upon how it has been interpreted by German dictators. And second, a scientific theory is not an ideology; it aims at explaining nature, not telling us what to do. Evolutionary biology did not oblige Hitler to kill Jews any more than nuclear physics mandates Kim Jong-Il to acquire the atomic bomb. And the theory of gravity does not require that you go jump off a bridge."

Morsom og informativ artikkel som tar for seg den høyre-ekstreme heksen Ann Coulters siste bok som om den var satire.

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